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You found me! Now what have you gotten yourself into? Here you’ll find words and lots of them. Put them all together and what’ve you got? The world’s longest run-on sentence, so don’t do that. Instead, check out my two novels!

The Survivors is my debut novel with punctuation, correctly spelled words and even proper sentence structure. Plus it’s a fun tale about what people would really do if they developed superhuman abilities. And there’s murder. Murder always raises the stakes, so now you HAVE to read it.

Wishing Will is a children’s novel for kids of all ages. Join Will on his journey to have his ultimate wish granted. Along the way, you’ll meet out-of-this-world wish creatures, a kooky grandmother and a malevolent force that may just destroy the human race!

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Keep reading. Live your dreams.


July 29, 2014
It’s Release Day for my second novel, Wishing Will. I’m particularly proud of this little book – I think it’s going to mean a lot to kids of all ages. PURCHASE WISHING WILL E-BOOK OR PRINT COPY ON AMAZON TODAY.

Contemporary Fantasy | Superheroes | Wishing Will
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