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A Writer’s Christmas Wish List

December 22nd, 2014

We writers don’t need a lot to make us happy – the right word, believable dialogue, a plot without holes – it’s the simple things, really. But there are certainly things that would make our lives easier! So for this year’s holiday dream list, I’m not holding back – these are wishes that even the great Wishing Will himself would be proud of. I’m calling on Santa to dig deep in his sack of goodies to bring us writers the ten Christmas wishes we really need!

  1. A plot twist that has never been thought of.
  2. Live-in massage therapist for working out the daily computer-neck kinks.
  3. A morning supplement that blocks writer’s block.
  4. Writing room that’s lined with dry-erase boards for jotting down all of your ideas and plots.
  5. Publishing professionals that respond within 24 hours of every single email.
  6. Inspirational sunrises that you don’t have to get up early to see.
  7. A positive review from every reader!
  8. Time-stopping laptops that freeze the world until that first draft is written.
  9. Daily food deliveries – starving artists no more!
  10. Crazy neighbors that will inspire your unforgettable book characters.

Merry Christmas to all! May you get everything you wish for this holiday season! Unless your wish is for another Transformers movie sequel – they’re just bad. Christmas

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