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Austin Comic Con Report

October 23rd, 2014

IMG_2329While Wizard World’s Austin-based Comic Con may not be the largest in the land, the 2014 convention held October 2 – 4 did have a lot to do and see. Of course there were the comic book professionals and the devoted fans dressed as their favorite sci-fi/fantasy characters, but there were also tons of retailers and loads of television and film celebrities … and there was also me! As regular readers know, I was asked to partake in a panel on diversity, which included Austin-only sci-fi professionals. We had writers and game developers on the panel, all of whom excel in their fields and promised to bring great insight to the panel. My only concern – who was going to show up? Our panel was running at the same time as Sean Astin’s – you may remember him from those littleĀ Lord of the Rings movies or perhaps The Goonies or Rudy. He was arguably the biggest star in attendance, and our panel consisted of people NO ONE had heard of.

So I expected 5, maybe 10 people to show up, but instead we had 40 or even 50, including a reporter from The Austin Chronicle! I’ve done plenty of public speaking before, so I was exactly nervous, but seeing that many people definitely got my heart racing. The structure of the panel was simple – our moderator introduced the group , then we each gave a little background onĀ ourselves, and then we took questions from the attendees. At first, I thought no one was going to ask a single question, but by the end of our 45 minutes, we couldn’t get to everyone. The small (but not too small) crowd was very enthusiastic, engaging and encouraging – I even had one attendee look me up afterwards to thank me for a job well done. It was truly a fun and rewarding experience … you’ve got my number, Wizard World – call me!

Austin Comic Con Panel

That’s me on the far left!

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