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Book Swag
When your book cover features art as beautiful as mine, you’re going to want to show it off. My friend and cover artist, Christoph Michaud, has produced two amazing covers for me now, and they never fail to get compliments. Naturally, I want everyone to see the artwork and colorful characters, so I recently set up an online store to sell
Middle Grade Book Marketing
After writing, publishing and marketing my first novel, The Survivors, I thought I knew everything there was to know about getting a book out there. The process isn’t easy, and there’s no one single path to take – a writer has to employ a variety of methods to get his or her material in ...
Characters of Wishing Will who Almost Were
The first draft of Wishing Will was nearly 100 pages longer than the final version. After lots of feedback and rereads, it was painfully obvious that some of the plot and characters had to go in order to make Wishing Will stronger and the best novel it could be. When we decided to bring down the number of wishes that Will grants from 1o to ...
Wishing Will Beginnings
I always think it’s fun to hear about the beginnings of a novel. Since the finished product is almost never identical to the original concept, it’s interesting to see the differences between then and now. Wishing Will is no exception. I was inspired to write the story after watching the first Harry Potter movie and then reading the books in the series that were available at the time.
The Characters of Wishing Will: Diego & Jerritt
Diego Rouleau is the biggest baddest bully Lamone Pledge has ever seen. He’s always been a large boy, but having failed the sixth grade twice, he towers over his fellow students. And Diego uses that to his advantage as often as possible. Along with his sidekick, Jerritt Locke, Diego terrorizes everyone from the jocks to the dorks, though his favorite target is Will Cricket.