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“Wishing Will Change a Life” Contest

October 9th, 2014

Win a Wish Social Media PostBenjamin Lund and I proudly announce the “Wishing Will Change a Life” contest, which will bring one lucky person’s wish to life. Participants can submit one wish per person through my author Facebook page at no-charge until midnight CST on November 7, 2014. The winner will be drawn at random and announced on 11/11, The Wishing Day. There is one small caveat: the wish has to be selfless; the wish must be made for someone other than the wish-maker.

Just as ordinary middle schooler Will Cricket learns of the power of the charitable wish after stumbling upon a corporation of extraordinary wish-granters in WISHING WILL (AISN: B00DGKSKOE), the “Wishing Will Change a Life” contest is intended to impart the same feelings of altruism to its participants.

WISHING WILL is many things – a fantastical, adventurous and mystery-filled coming-of-age story – but above all it’s an exploration of the power of actively pursuing wishes to help make other people’s lives better. As it turns out, the act of granting a wish not only improves the recipient’s life but also and, perhaps, especially improves the life of the wish-granter.

As is the case with all wishes, the authors concede that there are, unfortunately a few limitations on their ability to grant the winning wish. As much as we would love to impart world peace, end global hunger and eliminate diseases, we aren’t nearly as magical as the characters in our book. We ask that participants keep their selfless wishes to a level that we’ll be able to grant. For example: Do you have a relative who can’t afford to travel to see a family member? Is there a classroom that needs new school supplies? Do you have a tireless volunteer in your community who deserves to be pampered? There are a lot of good people out there who deserve to see wishes like these granted.

For practical reasons, we have to initially cap the value of the winning wish at $500. But Benjamin and I will use all of the proceeds from the Wishing Will book sales over the next month to increase our ability to enhance the selfless wish of our winner … or maybe even choose multiple winners. I have a strong feeling that we’re going to have a great deal of support in our efforts to grant noble wishes and that we’ll be able to do more good than anyone, including ourselves, anticipates.

WISHING WILL is on sale exclusively at The e-book is normally priced at $2.99 but will be discounted to just $.99 from October 7 – 13, 2014 in celebration of the “Wishing Will Change a Life” contest. The cost of the paperback version is $12.99. For e-readers without a Kindle, don’t worry—just download the Kindle app onto your smart tablet or phone and then download and read the book as normal.

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